Prevention Works!
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SPI offers a variety of resources at our offices at 6908 E Thomas Road in Scottsdale -- 480-443-3100. Listed below are some readily available web sites offering prevention resources.


Banner Behavioral Health --

Department of Health and Human Services, "Truth About..." pamphlets--

Drug Enforcement Administration --

Drug Free Arizona --

It's not pestering, it's parenting --

Keepiing kids alcohol free --

National Institute on Drug Abuse --

National Youth Anti-drug Media Campaign --

Partnership for a Drug Free America --

Teenlilfe --

Suicide prevention --


“Another great article! What an important topic and how very relevant for me.  I’m so glad you didn’t take the more conventional road here, giving absolutes and rigid “rules” for safety.  Loved your points about looking at this at the individual level, the “one size doesn’t fit all” approach.”

- Parent who reads Dr. Dana’s bi-monthly articles.